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Manniskan Toiletry Bag Set

Manniskan Toiletry Bag Set

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Give the gift of self care with a Manniskan Bag Set.


Complete with:


1- 3 IN 1 TONIFYING SHAMPOO & SHOWER GEL Hair, Beard and Body 8.5 oz

A single product, practical and versatile, for a balanced way to cleanse the beard, hair and body. The mix of natural elements brings tone and a light invigorating sensation, thanks to the Zeolite, a detoxifying, antioxidant volcanic mineral. With Red Sandalwood, for its regenerating, soothing and conditioning properties. Use: apply to damp beard, hair and body, massage well, then rinse. Repeat if necessary.


Soft gel with a special texture ideal for contours and precision shaving. The plant extracts perform a refreshing, soothing action, for a comfortable shave. The Aloe Vera nourishes the skin and prevents irritation and redness, stimulating the production of collagen. Use: spread a small amount of product evenly on damp skin before shaving.


Gentle, refreshing cream. Moisturizes and sooths the skin after shaving, relieving redness, irritation and itching. The special mix of plant extracts helps to calm the skin and accelerates the healing of small cuts. Use: spread evenly on the skin after shaving and massage until fully absorbed.



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