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    360 Hair Professional

    A prominent Italian hair care company specializing in innovative products, delivering exceptional quality, performance, and style for all your hair care needs.

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    BBCOS Hair Pro.

    An esteemed Italian hair care company renowned for its exceptional range of products, providing superior quality and effective solutions for all your hair care requirements.

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    A distinguished Italian hair care company offering a diverse range of premium products, delivering outstanding quality and effective solutions for all your hair care desires.

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BSD, a second-generation Italian hair product distributor, responded to the pandemic in 2020 by launching the BSD Salon Store, ensuring customers could easily access their beloved Italian hair products with a simple click.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What haircare brands does BSD Salon Store supply?

BSD Salon Store offers a wide variety of Italian Haircare products for our customers. We offer 360 Hair Professional, BBCOS, Kaaral, La Brasiliana, and more! Shop Now to view all of our products!

How can I contact customer support?

There are a few ways that you can contact our customer service team! If it is a non urgent issue than you can contact us via email at bsdofficechris@gmail.com. If your question or concern is urgent you may call us at (845) 268-7599.

How can I become an affiliate for BSD Salon Store?

You may sign up to become an affiliate by clicking here!

When will I receive my products?

BSD Salon Store takes pride in our order fulfillment speed for our customers. Your order will typically be processed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours of ordering!