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360 Be Cool Shampoo

360 Be Cool Shampoo

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360 Be Cool Shampoo

This toning shampoo is specifically formulated to counteract brassy and orange hues in brown, highlighted, and grey hair. It contains a unique blend of Charcoal Powder and Moringa Oil, which work together to neutralize unwanted tones and restore a cooler, more natural-looking color.


  • Neutralizes brassy and orange hues: Charcoal Powder absorbs excess oil and impurities, leaving your hair feeling clean, soft, and manageable.
  • Moringa Oil provides deep moisture and nourishment: Moringa Oil in the shampoo provides deep moisture and nourishment, helping to protect your hair from damage and breakage.
  • Antioxidants protect hair from free radical damage: Antioxidants help to protect your hair from free radical damage, which can help to prevent premature graying and hair loss.
  • Cooler and more natural-looking hair: Hair is cooler and more natural-looking.
  • Softer and smoother hair: Hair is softer and smoother.
  • More manageable hair: Hair is more manageable.
  • Less prone to breakage and frizz: Hair is less prone to breakage and frizz.
  • Healthy, radiant shine: Hair has a healthy, radiant shine.
  • Enhanced brightness and luster: Hair has enhanced brightness and luster.
  • Suitable for all hair types: Can be used on all hair types.
  • Color-safe: Safe to use on colored hair.
  • Protects from UV damage: Helps protect hair from UV damage.
  • Prevents frizz: Helps prevent frizz.
  • Leaves hair with a healthy, natural-looking finish: Leaves hair with a healthy, natural-looking finish.

Size: 450 ML, 1000 ML

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