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360 Be Curl Shampoo

360 Be Curl Shampoo

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360 Be Curl Shampoo

360 Be Curl Shampoo: Deeply Cleanses and Defines Curls

This unique shampoo blend of honey and vitamin complex deeply cleanses hair while defining curls and protecting them from frizz and humidity. The honey nourishes hair and protects it from damage, while the vitamin complex helps to detangle hair easily and protect it from heat styling. The result is soft, healthy curls that are easy to manage and have a healthy, radiant shine.


  • More defined and bouncy curls
  • Less frizzy hair
  • More hydrated and healthy hair
  • Easier to manage hair
  • Hair with a healthy, radiant shine

Suitable for:

  • All hair types
  • Color-safe

How to use:

  1. Apply to wet hair and massage into a lather.
  2. Rinse thoroughly and repeat.
  3. Follow with 360 Be Curl Conditioner for added hydration and definition.

Shop 360 Be Curl Shampoo today and start enjoying soft, defined curls that are easy to manage!

      Size: 450 ML, 1000 ML


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